That's me with my family!

I have been a health coach since 2016. I became interested in this field because of the intense back pain and stiffness that developed after giving birth to my first child. Consultations with many doctors left me dissatisfied. They merely prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Deep down I knew that these short term remedies couldn’t cure my disease and I wanted to get to the root cause of these problems. Additionally, my son became ill and was receiving two antibiotics a month and I knew that this was causing his deep emotional pain. This led me to discover alternative medicine. Through my research, I was able to lose 30 pounds and put an end to the pain which had plagued me for seven years. Understanding the causes of my illness made me want to share this new-found knowledge with others and this brought me to the Health and Nutrition Studies at Nassau Community College and I received the New York State Certified Health Coach certificate through my work at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. By helping other people change their lifestyle and habits for overall well being gave me work satisfaction. I realized that helping others is my passion and made me feel more complete. 


Herminder (Sonia Kaur)