Unleash your body's potential.


Why do I need a health coach?

As a Health Coach, it's my job to help you help yourself. Through a holistic and bio-individual approach, I provide the right combination of mind, body, and soul rejuvenation techniques to help you wake up differently every morning.

Let's focus on YOU.

“Bio-individuality” means there is not a one-size-fits-all diet, each person is a unique individual with highly individualized nutritional requirements.”

Joshua Rosenthall

Founder, IIN



In a world where an abundance of food options exist, we will create a personalized diet plan that fulfills your body's requirements.


Group Sessions are a fantastic opportunity for friend groups, communities, schools, or corporate retreats.

Not only do our online & in-person sessions present an opportunity to network and meet other people, they also pose the potential to learn from other's experiences.


When it comes to healing the ailment of modern lifestyle stress, chronic inflammation, and emotional stress, you need a path where your body can find peace.

Through specialized aromatherapy, meditation, and various mindfulness techniques, we can start to undo the years of stress that your body has accumulated.

here's what our CLIENTS have to say:

Coach Sonia was very knowledgeable, supportive, friendly, and a great coach. She made sure I make a lifestyle change that was sustainable.

Nilu P.

I was constantly feeling sluggish and didn't know what to do. Through Health At The Kaur, I've learned techniques to manage my stress, my diet, and my energy levels!

Harchint S.

I found myself dangerously close to obesity and having an unhealthy work and social life. Thankfully Herminder Kaur reached out and helped me find balance in my life.

Danny S.

I would recommend Coach Sonia to anyone wanting a lifestyle change and boost in confidence.

Manveen O.

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